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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dry Hopping

The purpose of dry hopping a beer like for example an IPA is to add aroma to the beer. There are two different ways that we dry hop at our brewery.  The first and the recommended way is in the fermenter once fermentation has finished with Hop Pellets.  The second way is in the Bright Tank where the beer gets carbonated and kegged or bottled.  In this circumstance we use whole leaf hops.  We have found that there are advantages and disadvantages to both procedures. Dry Hopping with Whole Leaf Hops can cause oxidation in the beer.  It also leaves more room for contamination if not done correctly. On the other hand, dry hopping with Whole Leaf Hops can make it easier as far as clarity of the beer.  Not as much residual from the hops. As recommended, dry hopping with Hop Pellets in my opinion gives off a stronger aroma.  It also usually protects you from oxidation or helps prevent it. This procedure only involves dumping pellets into the top of the fermenter unlike Whole Leaf Hops where you put them in a bag and let them sit in the tank. This has been a positive change in our brewing, but it is only our preference and may vary for others. Cheers!

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